Gallery of James Tissot’s works:

When James Tissot was about to start illustrating the Bible, he wrote to his friend and editor M. de Brunoff:


“The time has come, dear friend, I will finally start working on the task I told you about. It is going to be hard, but with the help of God, I will succeed. As you know, work is my life, and I am only happy if there is a lot of work to do. I decided not to illustrate the Life of Joan of Arc or Bonaparte. Because I have spend ten years attending the most sacred of all subjects, and therefore, adventures of men leave me cold. I believe in ineluctable destiny which presets one’s acts and, even now, my acting is driven by this certainty which will never leave me.“




Tissot dreamed of commenting the Bible with the help of his artwork and his knowledge.

When he realised that he was about to die, he was working harder than ever in fevered eagerness. Now, we have the opportunity to look at the result of his obsession.

The paintings show humanity but yet they have a religious setting. The art forms adopted by Tissot are the origin of many others that show the same features.

One can discern life as well as history, and humanity as well as religious beliefs and the glorification of the latter. It is possible to discern the general views of the time the pictured persons lived in more or less clearly.



To narrate the Bible from a spectator’s point of view was what Tissot dreamed about.

In arts, just like in literature, there are different genres and Tissot was brilliant at a variety of genres.

But what is the ideal of painting? - Is it charmless beauty, which is painted time and again?

No, according to Tissot, the ideal in painting is the presentation, the content itself; that is why I ask you to let the images sink in and follow the lead of the artist. In his works, Tissot traced the course of the centuries with a precision so amazing that the viewer is taken back in time and gets to know a way of life, a landscape and conventions bygone long ago.




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